Enneagram ONE

 The Reformer

Look at these twenty statements. If you find that most of them apply to you to some significant degree, then you may be a ONE.






  1. I put much effort into correcting my faults
  2. I’m often bothered because things aren’t the way they should be
  3. I hate to waste time
  4. I often blame myself for not doing better
  5. Often the least flaw can ruin the whole thing for me
  6. I have trouble relaxing and being playful
  7. Voices critical of me and others frequently chatter in my head
  8. I seem to worry more than other people
  9. I feel almost compelled to be honest
  10. I sometimes sense a puritanical streak in myself.
  11. Being right is important for me.
  12. I frequently have a sense of urgency that time is running out and there is still so much left to do
  13. I feel a need to be accountable for most of my time
  14. l could easily be, or am, a scrupulous person.
  15. I can identify rather easily with crusaders against evil.
  16. If something isn’t fair, it really bothers me.
  17. I feel almost compelled to keep trying to better myself and what I am doing
  18. I feel I have to be perfect before others will love me or approve of me.
  19. I frequently feel frustrated because neither I nor others are the way we should be.
  20. I seem to see things in terms of right or wrong, good or bad (Beesing et al, The Enneagram, p.19)

If you found yourself agreeing with many or most of these statements, then you might consider that the ONE type is your preferred position, especially if you identified with the descriptor on the previous page. If this is so, then click here to proceed to a more detailed description. Otherwise, click here to visit the next type. Or click here to return to the summary page.