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WWelcome to this website dedicated to Christian Spiritual Practices. This site is maintained by me, Andre Auger, and is an adjunct to Harcourt Memorial Spiritualpractice 01United Church in Guelph, ON. We assume you are visiting these pages because you have an interest in – or at least a curiosity about – spiritual life.

We hope you will find enough material in these pages to get you started on your way, to confirm you on the way if you have already started, or even to interest you to consider starting! Being a Christian can be a wonderful journey of discovery – of God, of the Christ within, of yourself. We wish you all manner of blessings on your journey!

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NEW! Spiritual Practices in a Time of Covid 19

NEW! Some content to meditate on

What is a “spiritual practice“?

Why are spiritual practices important?

What spiritual practice is for me?

What resources exist to help me?

Where do I start?

But I don’t think I believe in very much

How can my aging become a spiritual practice?

How can my dying become a spiritual practice?

How can I find God in the new understanding of the universe? 

Meditations on the “Cosmic Christ”

A Guide for Seekers

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