Meditating on the Cosmos

Meditations on the Cosmos:

Meditating on the Universe ought to be a key component of 21st century Christian spiritual practice, because the Universe is God’s First Revelation (Scripture being another form of revelation). If we Christians want to know about God, we must open ourselves to experiencing God in the Universe as well as in Jesus and in our personal relationship with the Divine. These meditations are designed for those who are fascinated by God’s First Revelation and wish to use the latest scientific discoveries as material for their spiritual practice.

We will explore this vast, ancient, and complex universe through several meditations. I have tried to keep the science simple, at some risk of betraying its complexity. What matters here is not so much that we know the science but that we experience some awe at this universe.

We will meditate on the age, as well as the size of the universe. Then we will meditate on its origin, its unbelievable uniqueness, as well as its evolution. We will the meditate on the infinitely small, as well as on our own bodies. Next, we will meditate on the relationship between God and the universe, as well as the possible nature of God. Finally, we will spend time meditating on the important concept of the “Cosmic Christ.”

Don’t sweat the science! There are plenty of readable introductions to the current scientific view of the universe if you want more information. What matters most here is to use the current view of the universe presented by science as a way to evoke awe and wonder.