Spiritual Practices in a Time of Covid 19

We are all struggling to figure out how we go on living in a world that has changed so dramatically so quickly, as a result of the alarmingly fast spread of Covid 19. Of course, we have immediate living problems to deal with – how do I keep my job? How do I keep my children safe? How do I make sure I and my family have what we need to continue living under these new and extreme conditions?

But, if you are visiting this site, it’s because, most likely, you know there is a spiritual dimension to everything, and that, especially in difficult times, spiritual practices are important.

I am dealing with this new situation just as anyone else, and am struggling with the same issues. I thought one of the small contributions I could make would be to reflect on all this from the perspective of spiritual practices. This section of my website will be in flux as I develop all the material I want to offer. Please check often.

Many people are floundering with a lack of structure in their lives. When we have so much “nothing” in our day that we don’t know what to do with ourselves to get through the day, then negative thoughts run wild. We are all used to rhythm and routine in our weeks.

A colleague of mine, Kerry Wilson, also a spiritual director, focuses on self-care. One set of strategies she suggests is to create some healthy structure in your day and week. These include:

  • healthy body routines (wake up times, eating, exercise & stretching, time to walk outside in open spaces and connect with nature/get fresh air),
  • healthy spiritual routines (daily prayer time, specific prayers to deal with fear),
  • practices to keep your spirits up (daily time to connect with others and do self care, choosing uplifting hobbies, food, music or videos),
  • taking on an at-home project to help keep your hands and mind occupied,
  • reaching out to others (offering help, intercessory prayer, daily connecting via media),
  • limiting the amount of news you consume as an intentional practice.
  • if you think of this as retreat time, you might be encouraged to create a bit of structure to help you through the day

You may have developed unique spiritual practices to cope with this situation. Why not share it with others through this website? Email me at aauger003@gmail.com

These will be the practices I will be talking about.

  1. Personal practices

    1. To control anxiety

    2. To offset loneliness

    3. To re-balance our understanding of life

    4. To honour our radical co-dependence

    5. To re-balance our understanding of Providence

    6. When Covid 19 strikes