Stages of Becoming Christ


Spiritualpractice 41

General: This material is provided for descriptive purposes only and is not to be taken as judgmental. You are where you are. Knowing a bit about where you are on your Christian journey helps you determine what your next steps might be, if you choose to take them. Look at the descriptions of the stages below… Which description best fits your self-understanding? If you consider yourself on a journey toward a deepening relationship with God, what steps might you take, appropriate to your current stage, to grow and move on?

Static: Being a Christian as a “state”

Dynamic: Being a Christian as “Journey”

‒ Phase 1: Exploring Christianity – Awakening

‒ Phase 2: Growing in Christ – Interest

‒ Phase 3: Becoming close to Christ – Discipleship

‒ Phase 4: Becoming Christ-centred – Apostleship

(This material has been developed out of a model developed by Hybels at Willow Creek Community Church…..)