Enneagram SIX

Read the following statements and see how many apply to you in a significant way. The more statements you agree with, the more likely you are a SIX – the LOYALIST






  1. I am basically a middle-of-the-road person.

  2. Loyalty to a group is very important for me.

  3. I find it very difficult to go against what authority says.

  4. Before making a decision, I get additional information to make sure I’m prepared.

  5. I take a long time to make up my mind because I need to explore the options fully.

  6. I often wonder if I’m brave enough to do what must be done.

  7. I’m often plagued by doubt.

  8. I like to be very sure before acting.

  9. Without strict laws it’s hard to tell what people might do.

  10. I often tend to operate out of a sense of duty and responsibility.

  11. I like having limits in which to work.

  12. I seem to sense danger and threat more than others do.

  13. I tend to take sides and be concerned about whose side people are on.

  14. I tend to be aware of and sensitive to contradictions.

  15. I prefer to have things scheduled rather than open ended.

  16. Frequently I find myself evaluating others in terms whether they are a threat to me or not.

  17. ”Prudence” is a very important virtue for me.

  18. I constantly seem to be working against or challenging my fears.

  19. I seem to be concerned about defending myself or my position more than other people are.

  20. I often fantasize myself in some kind of “hero’ role or position. (Beesing et al, The Enneagram, p. 39-40)

If you found yourself agreeing with many or most of these statements, then you might consider that the SIX

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