Exercise 13

EXERCISE 13: The Practice – 2: Limbering up for the Quest:

This is not a single Exercise, but a number of possible things you might try in order to develop a sense of ‘intentionality’ about your Quest. ‘Intentionality’ here means doing things on purpose. Doing things with a clear purpose in mind. Not taking your daily life for granted. Knowing what you’re about. Seeing your life as a Quest for the ‘More’ is an intentional decision.

Do these as you see fit:

  • Take a long, slow walk and notice everything
  • Write out a list of your dreams
  • Take some crayons and paint the sky – just the sky
  • Define what you mean by ‘holiness,’ ‘happiness,’ ‘friendship’
  • Write out a list of all your good qualities – ask a friend to help, if you can’t think of them.
  • Write a letter to God, telling God what your deepest longing is – really deepest!

As you complete each one, describe the experience in your journal. It should by now be quite full of wonderful insights about yourself… There’s far more to come! Stick with it!