Exercise 26

EXERCISE 26: Love-in-Action – Jesus’ understanding of God’s Dream for Humanity


This Exercise brings us to meditate on Jesus’ understanding of an alternative way to live

After you have stilled and centred yourself, read Matthew 22: 2-10. Jesus practices an open table fellowship. The Kingdom of God is like a banquet to which everyone is invited.

Does this metaphor work for you in your life?

Can you let your imagination conjure up a typical party you like to attend… Can you imagine Jesus at that party? (Jesus was known in his time as someone who liked to party… There are many stories in the Gospels about Jesus attending banquets… People gossiped about the kind of company he kept – tax collectors, prostitutes…. ) What would he be doing? What would his presence change? Can you still have fun in his presence?

If God’s ‘New Community’ is like a ‘banquet’ set for everyone, what changes would you have to make in your life?

What images of the Kingdom work for you?

Note your experience in your journal.