Christian formation practice

The life of the mature Christian is not only about deepening one’s relationship with God. It’s also about developing the intellectual tools to address values questions and moral situations in the world around us. For this, we need more than a “Sunday School Christianity.” We need a theology that is robust enough to engage the secular culture we find ourselves in on its own terms. In other words, we need to have a sound theology. There is no better way than through reading reliable, recognized authorities in the fields of biblical studies, theology, and science.

  1. Spiritual reading: Develop the habit of reading something on your faith every day for at least half an hour or so.

  2. Following a spiritual blog: Subscribe to blogs by a recognized scholar or spiritual leader. Richard Rohr, John Spong, Alistair McGrath, Frederich Buechner all come to mind, but there are so many others. Choose carefully, then read their blog regularly.

  3. Join a Bible study or a Book club at your local church.

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