How do you know when you are a seeker?


Here are some clues to determine whether you are becoming a “seeker.”


► You know you are a “seeker” when you find yourself questioning the standard faith explanations you were provided as a child and adolescent.


► You are a seeker if you have been away from church for a long time, and are feeling “called” to explore whether or not you can find a home in a congregation.


► Sometimes you become a “seeker” when you find the words in the hymns other continue to enjoying singing begin to offend you.


► Or you may have discovered that your usual images of God, yourself, life – images which you more than likely acquired as a child at Sunday School – no longer satisfy you and you are searching for better metaphors, better images, or for no images at all!


► Seekers often discover themselves when they’ve read something critical of their traditional faith and they feel the lightness that comes from being vindicated, from discovering that some respected authority shares the same discomfort they do.


► You are a “seeker” when you begin to experience your life as a personal journey or quest that cries out for meaning that only you can provide rather than some external authority.


How would you define your own seeking experience?