Living a seeker life:


The most hopeful aspect of seeker’s lives is that they are often qualitatively different from those who have simply taken their faith for granted. Seekers take their lives seriously. They take their faith journey seriously. Deepening their self-understanding, deepening their relationship with the Divine, deepening their understanding of the role of humanity in the cosmos involve them in a style of living that has some distinct characteristics.


Typically, a seeker’s life will include many if not most of the following components:

i) Meditation: some regular, consistent, faithful discipline of centring and silencing within, in order to listen, be available, empty, become mindful.

ii) Reading: a regular discipline of reading scholarly, inspirational, popular scientific material that helps you deepen your understanding of yourself, the world, your journey, the ultimate mysteries of human life.

iii) Reflection: a time set aside each day to record experiences, review your meditation practice, assess your reading, note your insights, raise further questions.

iv) Sharing: find a small community which can support, nurture and challenge you, and keep you accountable for your journey. Meet regularly to share each other’s journey; share, listen and learn.

v) Action: some regular means to express in your community and in the wider world how your values and beliefs play themselves out in concrete ways.

vi) Characteristics of a seeker life: typically, the following applies to most seekers:


(1) They believe that living the questions fully is more important than having the answers

(2) They believe that personal integrity is of prime importance

(3) Seekers walk their talk, and then talk their walk

(4) Seekers live with ambiguity, uncertainty and tentativeness

(5) Seekers are on a journey; they never ‘arrive’



So there you have it: a critical – and, I hope, helpful – look at the “seeker.” We wish you the very best in your search. You are pilgrims – we are pilgrims! Blessings for the journey!