5. Christ, the Alpha

And so we reflect on Christ, the Alpha:

So, we have the Christ already at the beginning of time as the very idea of the Universe. Think again of the Prologue to the Gospel we know as “John.” “In the beginning was the Word…” (Jn 1:1). God’s Word, God’s Sophia, God’s Wisdom – the idea of a universe, its laws, its meaning and purpose, its inner dynamism… We’ve called that the “Big Bang,” or the “Flaring Forth.” In theological language, this is the Incarnation! The “Word” – the idea, the infinite potential of God – was made “flesh.” We could read “was made matter, made concrete.” Too often we have been taught to parochialize this phrase and limit the Prologue to being about the birth of Jesus… What if we truly listened to the words in their Jewish context, and linked “Word” with “Sophia,” and remembered that the Prologue talks about “In the beginning,” i.e., another view of Genesis! This would explain Paul’s statement that all things are made in Christ.


Re-read the Prologue to the Gospel of John, and try to reframe it, not so much in terms of a description of Jesus, but a description of the Cosmic Christ. What might it be like for the Big Bang to be the fruit of God’s “Word”? In light of our earlier meditations on the Cosmos, how does this approach sit with you?