9. The Cosmic Christ and the Trinity

For a finale, we can think a bit about the Cosmic Christ and the Trinity:

Why make a complex matter even more complex? Because this final picture is of utmost wonder and power! How close are we to seeing the “Christ,” i.e., the Universe, its origin, its organizing principle, and its eventual fulfillment, as the Second Person of the Trinity? There, the other shoe has dropped! Yes, it’s that big!

If we wanted to use the model of the Trinity, the Universe, i.e., Christ, could be considered the Second Person of the Trinity, the Beloved, the recipient of God’s outpouring of Love, who returns this Love the more evolved, fulfilled, complete, personal, God-filled, it is. Time and evolution unfold in the midst of this timeless Trinity.

This is a relational model: the importance is the dynamism, the “dance”: the Unknowable pouring out its Love into its self-expression as the Christ, who, eventually returns that Love, always animated by the Spirit which flows constantly. And we are an intimate, integral part of this.

To use a term from Teilhard de Chardin, all there is – everything in the Universe that we can imagine – is in the Divine Milieu in which we love and move and have our being. The Divine Milieu, seen in its relational, dynamic form, is the Trinity, in which we live as the incomplete “Christ,” longing for and working toward its fulfillment.


Examine your present understanding of the Trinity; what new possibilities for grasping this image are suggested to you by seeing ourselves as already in the Trinity as part of the Cosmic Christ? How might that affect how you pray? How comfortable/uncomfortable are you with this understanding of the Cosmic Christ and of the Trinity? What stumbling blocks do you experience? What issues has this approach resolved for you? What issues has this approach raised for you? Where do you think the Spirit might be calling you next?