Spiritualpractice 39
“The Christian should be an alleluia from head to foot.” (Augustine of Hippo) We are called into a perpetual Jubilee of the Spirit. Celebration is the inevitable fruit of a radical freeing from possessions and a restructuring of social arrangements which results from the other Spiritual Disciplines. These disciplines are not punitive, restrictive, dull or lifeless: we are not to be modern-day Pharisees. The Disciplines lead to Joy and Joy infuses the Disciplines. This Joy produces energy. True Joy comes when we experience the transformative presence of the Divine in everything we do. One way to practice celebration is through body prayer – singing, dancing, clapping, shouting, laughing, hugging. Celebration requires the liberating of our creative imagination. Celebration should occur whenever thanksgiving is called for – essentially at every major life event or rite of passage: birth, adulthood, any form of covenanting, marriage, new job, celebration of a life at death. Living through the Church’s Liturgical Year provides opportunities for celebration as we remember the foundational events of our Christian faith.