Awareness Examen

Spiritualpractice 50

This short prayer exercise is to help increase one’s sensitivity to the Spirit working in one’s life and a means to “Finding God in all Things”. The Awareness Examen is a prayer with the purpose to look at, and pay attention to, the experiences and movements that take place within the heart throughout the day. It helps one discover what God is revealing through these experiences and movements. We reflect on our day to be aware of God’s presence in it, then respond to God in dialogue.



  1. Sit quietly at the end of the day.
  2. Begin by reflecting on the day to see where you need to be thankful.
  3. Ask the Spirit to show you where God’s presence has been in your life, the events, people, experiences.
  4. Be sensitive to the interior movements.
  5. Respond to God in dialogue, asking God for your needs for tomorrow.

For a Powerpoint presentation on the Awareness Examen, click here.