Spiritualpractice 53In the context of the practice of meditation, journalling is a means of capturing the elusive experiences from our meditation times, and articulating our affective responses to these. In its strictest sense, this is what we should find in our journal: what happened in meditation and what were my emotional responses. We will find that, over time, we begin to notice patterns emerging from our meditation – nudgings for us to grow in certain ways, a recurrent sense of being “called,” gentle inner transformations in our images, our thinking, our responses to the world around us. Keeping a record of such transformations is one of the important tasks of journalling. For some people, journalling itself is a form of spiritual practice: they find that, as they write, they discover the presence of the Spirit, and, in their very writing, they discover truths they would not otherwise come across.

For more information on journalling as a Christian practice, try this website on  journalling.