Lectio Divina

Spiritualpractice 49This prayer method is ‘meditative reading’ and is often called the Prayer of the Listening Heart, ‘listening, reflecting, responding’ . It is a practice common to most religions. It begins with reading a short passage from scripture and then quietly reflecting upon it. As we read slowly, we allow the words to enter within us. When a word or thought resonates deeply. we stay with it, reflecting on the experience. We may repeat this process.

  1. Choose a short passage of scripture.
  2. Read it a few times.
  3. Choose a phrase or word that speaks to you. Sit quietly with the words, allow the scripture to penetrate your being, both feelings and thoughts.
  4. Respond from the heart, authentically as in a dialogue with God.

You can watch a short slide presentation on Lectio Divina here.