Praying with Scripture

Spiritualpractice 47

As we read a passage of Scripture, God invites us to listen in silence and solitude. This is the basic attitude of prayer. God speaks to us in God’s own way. We become conscious of God’s presence in and around us. We may carry on a conversation with God. We complete the prayer session with a review. This is not “Bible study.” This is praying with the firm belief that our Scriptures are a Living Word which can speak to us each day in new ways.

  1. Select a short passage from scripture.
  2. Read it through a few times.
  3. Find a quiet place, alone, relax and try to quiet yourself interiorly.
  4. God is present to you through the Spirit, ask for the grace to listen to what God says as you read the passage.
  5. Respond to what Jesus is saying, pause.
  6. When finished reflect on the experience.