Spiritualpractice 23
Solitude is a state of mind; it is the freedom to be alone with one’s inner life; the ability to live in some silence in order to be able to attend to the world around us. The purpose of silence is to be able to see and hear what is really going on. Inner silence is a way of letting God into our lives. In a world driven by social networking, where no one can seem to tolerate not having their own aural environment, where music blares in all shops because people can’t stand being by themselves, there is good reason for the discipline of solitude, whereby one learns to be simply by oneself. Solitude means that we don’t run away from ourselves when we are dry or afraid or confused; it is in that difficult silence that God works on our inner transformation. Create a quiet place in your home for silence and solitude; learn to say less and listen more; experience the richness of a silent retreat; withdraw from time to time to review your life and your priorities. It is only in the silence that we can truly hear God’s still small voice.