Spiritualpractice 17You don’t have to leave your brain at the door if you want to take your Christian faith seriously! Study as a spiritual practice follows St Anselm’s dictum “Fides quaerens intellectum” – faith seeking understanding. Study is a specific activity of the mind in which it applies itself to understand what it can of the God it longs for, of the faith tradition in which it lives, and of the current situation around it. Study is not only about reading. It is also about paying attention to the physical, political and economic world around us. The principal task of study is to develop a deeper understanding of the reality of our situation – beyond myths, prejudices, stereotypes, oversimplifications and mis- and disinformation. Study involves understanding, interpreting and evaluation, three quite different and complementary activities. Study is also done communally: it is not enough to study on one’s own; one needs to share with others in order to develop an ever broader outlook. You can start exploring your Christian faith by looking at some of the resources I recommend.