Enneagram ONE Spiritual Practices

Develop and enhance your natural gifts: teaching, tolerance, patience

Work on your main problem area: value-judging, condemning yourself and others






  • journal about inner critic messages;

  • release inner critic messages;

  • note how often you criticize others, and try to find ways to offset your criticism;

  • before correcting something or someone check your motivation;

  • when you find yourself becoming frantic about some goal you have set, stop and ask yourself what is really at stake

  • when you find yourself annoyed at disorder, stop and reflect upon why that is, and what really matters

  • play more;

  • forgive yourself and others;

  • be less defensive about criticism;

  • spiritual practices:

    • Follow Jesus as “idealist”
    • As Gospel contemplation, look at examples of disapproval of what others and they themselves do and ultimately what they are. In Luke 6:1-5&6-11, the uninvolved aspect of the 1 becomes furious with Jesus as he broke the law by eating grain & healed on the Sabbath.
    • Gospel contemplation: be with the elder son, as he does everything right, in the story of the Prodigal Son

    • Meditate on this saying of Jesus “Be whole as my Father is whole (not “perfect.”)”

    • In your quiet time, use this Mantra: “I am loved just as I am”

    • Forgive others – and yourself – for your shortcomings

    • Pray the “Serenity Prayer” as often as you need to.

    • Develop your “compassionate observer” who can say lovingly , as you acknowledge a mistake “that was interesting.”

  • watch out for warning signs that you are too stressed as a ONE:
    • you are taking rigidly inflexible positions

    • you find yourself extremely self-righteous

    • you are rationalizing and justifying your actions

    • you experience intense feelings of disillusion

    • you engage in outbursts of rage and intolerance

Examples to emulate: Plato, Gandhi, Thoreau, John-Paul II, Jane Fonda, Joan Baez