Exercise 4

EXERCISE 4: The map of your inner world

Look over your life and note anything to do with ‘God.’ This is a ‘Before’ inventory:

  • what questions do you ask about God?
  • how do you see the world?
  • what are your dreams and your longings?
  • do you have friends or relatives who seem close to God?
  • what does the media say about God?
  • what experiences have you had of God?
  • what do your friends say about God?
  • what do you currently believe about God?

Since spiritual life is always a Quest, ask yourself what you are looking for. Another way to ask this question is this: What is your Heart’s Deepest Desire? See if you can express this in one sentence. What is it you really want at the deepest level of your being? It might take you many tries to formulate this. You may even deepen your own understanding of this deepest desire as you go through these Exercises. But right now, what is it you want more than anything else? (Beyond material things, beyond possessions, beyond success and fame….)

Enter it into your notebook. Recall it each time you meditate or pray, and ask for your heart’s deepest desire.┬áNote your answers to these questions in a notebook, which you will keep for this purpose.