Exercise 5

EXERCISE 5: Your own faith-map:

Every religion concerns itself with the ‘big’ questions about human existence. Different traditions use different terms to describe somewhat similar realities. Here is a list of important concepts related to these ‘big’ questions.

  • At this point in your journey, what do these concepts mean to you (if anything)? (This is not a test! This is just to get you to document as best you can what your starting-point is in your Quest.): Evil, death, sin, heaven, hell, saints, sacrifice, love, service, religion, creator, wonder, body, eternity, the Kingdom of God, faith, salvation.
  • One definition of ‘God’ is ‘the ultimate thing or being we believe in.’ In terms of your daily life, who or what is your ‘god’, i.e., for whom or what do you live for, for whom or what might you be prepared to sacrifice, to die, even?
  • What has brought you to this point in your life?
  • Trace the steps over the past few years that have brought you to this website.
  • What events – good and bad experiences, encounters, failures, etc – have brought you to ask questions about your life?
  • Who has had an influence on you to bring you to this point?

Document your responses in your journal for future reference