Exercise 7

EXERCISE 7: Living in the moment

This Exercise is one that you should practice until it becomes second nature. Use it every time you find your imagination is taking you into the realm of possibilities, of dreams, longings, etc.

  • Find your quiet place, centre yourself, and relax.
  • Watch your posture: feet flat on the floor; sitting in a straight-back chair (or in lotus or half-lotus position if these are comfortable for you); hands on your lap, relaxed.
  • Relax to the point that you do not need to move a muscle. If you have an itch, do not scratch it, but pay attention to it. Note what it feels like. Note that it passes of its own accord.
  • Breathe in, breath out.
  • With each breath in say ‘I breathe in,’ and with very breath out, say ‘I breathe out.’
  • Stay focussed on your breathing.
  • If your mind wanders, gently return your attention to your breathing.
  • While still focussing on your breathing, note the pressure of the chair on your posterior. Pay attention to the sounds around you. Keep focussed on your breathing.
  • Feel the passing of air through your nostrils…
  • Listen to the sounds around you. Do not try to identify them, just note them.
  • Try to maintain your focus on what is happening right here and now. Try to stay this way for half an hour…

Journal what the experience was like.