Dynamic: Phase 4: Becoming Christ-centred – Apostleship

Spiritualpractice 46

a. General: Typically, this stage describes the life of great saints and mystics. It is the stage of “Apostleship” which truly mirrors what Paul says: “Christ in me and I in Christ.”

b. A Christ-centred person has a strong personal relationship with the Divine, understood as both inner and transcendent.

c. The Christ-centred person lives in the mystery of the Cosmic Christ.

d. Life is seen as prayer and service, with practices as means to stay grounded.

e. All of life is seen as part of the “journey” – work, play, family. Christian life is lived as an intentional attempt to be God’s presence in the world. Spiritual practices form the cornerstone of such a life and everything else flows from this. Life is experienced as God’s way to bring about God’s Kingdom in this place.

f. All personal and family resources are seen as gift and are freely available to meet needs. There is little or no attempt to be concerned about personal or family security. “God will provide” becomes the guiding principle.

g. All time is God’s time and is gift. Days are seen in terms of means to bring God’s presence into daily situations. All activities are seen as “prayer.” The locus of one’s agenda has shifted from oneself to the Spirit.

People in this phase need opportunities for intimate communion, such as silent retreats, periods in hermitages, etc. Often these people have moved from kataphatic prayer – with images – to apophatic meditation techniques – which are self- emptying; individual spiritual direction continues to be important.

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